Real world interview and confidence skills for High School student groups.

Executive interview coaching techniques made accessible to High School students preparing for a casual job interview, apprenticeship, work experience or full-time position. The techniques and tools in this video course also apply seamlessly to scholarships and university applications. The content of our video program is specifically tailored to High School students and comes with a clear lesson program for teachers.

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16 short videos, 4 workbooks including 10 exercises. The total course including exercises takes around 4 hours to complete, excluding the time it takes to write a cover letter and a resume.

  • Find out the secret to talking about yourself confidently.

  • Uncover your strengths and manage your weaknesses.

  • How to prepare for video interviews and live interviews.

  • Learn how to write a great resume and cover letter that markets you to employers effectively and gets you to the next stage.

  • How to research a prospective employer and prepare smart questions.

  • What are 'Selection Criteria' and how to address them.

  • Behavioural Interviews explained step by step.

  • Discover what employers really want in candidates.

  • How to handle failures, hurdles and rejections.

  • Networking and how to market yourself on Social Media including LinkedIn.

Course Curriculum

4 modules: 16 videos including 4 workbooks plus 10 tasks. Questions? See FAQ section below or contact us.

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Instructions For Teachers

    • Before we begin, we have one question for you:

  • 2

    Module 1 - WHAT can I talk about if I have never worked before?

    • Teachers Lesson Plan Module 1

    • Student Workbook Module 1

    • 1. How To Talk About Yourself

    • 2. Confidence Comes From Self-knowledge

    • 3. People Skills (EQ vs IQ)

  • 3

    Module 2 - HOW do I talk about myself? All the secrets shared.

    • Teachers Lesson Plan Module 2

    • Student Workbook Module 2

    • 4. Behavioural Interviews And The S.A.R. Method

    • 5. What Are Your Strengths?

    • 6. What Are Your Weaknesses And How To Talk About These

    • 7. Managing Your Social Media Presence

  • 4

    Module 3 - WOW employers and make a genuine impression.

    • Teachers Lesson Plan Module 3

    • Student Workbook Module 3

    • 8. What Employers Want

    • 9. Pre-Interview Employer Research

    • 10. Job Search Tips

    • 11. Handling Hurdles, Rejections and Failures

  • 5

    Module 4 - BRING it together in a resume, cover letter & interview.

    • Teachers Lesson Plan Module 4

    • Student Workbook Module 4

    • 12. The Recruitment Process Explained

    • 13. Cover Letters And Selection Criteria

    • 14. Creating a Powerful Resume

    • 15. Video Interview vs Online (or Live) Interview

    • 16. Leveraging LinkedIn

  • 6

    Next steps

    • Teacher, before you go...

    • Thank You!

Watch Intro Video

Year13 Future of Work Expo: How To Get Hired With Little Or No Experience

Other Tailored In-School Products

Face to Face or Remote Interview Skills Training Packages

The Video Skills Interview Course ensures students are armed with all the basic tools & techniques to prepare their resume, cover letter and nail their interviews

Over and above this video course, Kirsty Ferguson and Tanja Perl run tailored in-school programs that focus on transferable skills, university interviews and how to approach job searches in this current economic downturn. We also offer a hands-on workshop to perfect the use of the S.A.R. technique with a cohort. We understand that the needs of students in Year 9 are very different to Year 12 and modify the content of workshops accordingly.

DOWNLOAD OUR SCHOOLS PROGRAM BROCHURE: High School Packages 2020 .pdf .pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question below, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • How long do my students have access to the course?

    One term. This can be extended upon request in special circumstances.

  • Do my students receive individual access or in class only?

    Once your order and payment are processed, we supply you with a unique URL to access the course + a unique school code for students to login. Each student creates their own account using your unique school + code supplied by the teacher. Students can work through material in class together as well as in their own time. Some students may prefer to work ahead of the class if they have an interview on the horizon. The complete teachers Lesson Plan (all 4 modules) will be provided immediately upon payment. There is nothing for you to prepare ahead of the course.

  • My school is not ready to enroll a group, but an individual student wishes to start the course.

    No problem. Parents and students can purchase individual access to the course. Please refer students to the Student page on our website. The only difference is the price. Individual access is $49 rather than $8. We also offer one-on-one coaching for students, for more information see our Student page.

  • What's the minimum number of students to enroll for a school?

    30 students as that ensures we can offer you the price of $8 per student.

  • What Year Groups is the course designed for?

    Year 9 and up.

  • How does the video course work with your live workshops?

    The Interview Skills Video Course is designed as a stand-alone course and gives students all the core skills & techniques to prepare for an interview. The live Workshops (either face or face or online) are a deeper dive and can be tailored to specific needs. For example, some schools prefer to do a tailored workshop for Year 9 focused on gaining transferable skills relevant to future opportunities, how to think like an entrepreneur or building confidence for future interviews.

  • Do students keep the workbooks after the course is finished?

    Yes. The students download the workbooks and keep these for future reference. Access to all videos expires, but a lot of reminders/important notes are in the workbooks to jog memories in future.

  • Do you have more courses after students complete this one?

    Yes, in development for completion early 2021! The Interview Skills course is our flagship course, teaching core interview skills. These tools and techniques do not change over the life of a person preparing for interviews, all that changes are the examples a person uses as their experience expands. Having said that, we are working on a specific Video Course for Year 9 and a Refresher Course for any students who have already completed the flagship course. Please note we also review the content of our flagship course on a yearly basis, to ensure it remains up to date matching economic climate, (rapidly) changing job market and employer insights.

  • What about GST and can I combine products for a better price?

    We offer a ‘value pack’ that includes the Interview Skills Video Course + Resume & Cover Letter Template Pack @ $11.95 per student. FYI Students can also purchase the Resume and Cover Letter Template Pack individually via the Student page for $19.95. All school product & course prices quoted on the website are excluding GST.