A program designed for Pilots who are stood down, facing redundancy or unemployed to traverse next career steps.

If you are pilot who needs to transition to a secondary career or temporary role, the Pilot Transition Program combines 16 short content packed coaching audios, 3 downloadable Workbooks and Inspiring Pilot Interviews.

It is the culmination of every aspect you've told us you need to approach new employers, start side hustles and tackle freelance work. We also discuss the importance of being ready when aviation reopens. Our 20 years of coaching pilots for 40+ airlines in one powerful program. 

For pilots still employed, building a secondary income stream into your career plan now, is an essential tool to future proof your income, financial security and employment options.

Please note, you have 90 days to complete the program from purchase date, but we are more than happy to extend that if you need more time!

Program Content

  • 1


    • A message from Kirsty Anne Ferguson - Director Global Pilot Interview Preparation | Pinstripe Solutions

    • How to use the program

  • 2

    Module 1 - Transferable Skills | Freelance Ideas | The Elephant In The Room

    • Pilot Career Transition Program 2020 Workbook One

    • You Have Transferable Skills

    • Identifying Future Employers & The Elephant In The Room

    • Side Hustles and Freelance Options

    • What Employers Value

    • Interview with Naomi Radke (737 Captain to Entrepreneur)

  • 3

    Module 2 - Navigating New Recruitment Processes Like A Pro

    • Pilot Career Transition Program 2020 Workbook Two

    • Navigating Different Recruitment Processes

    • Remote Interviews | Live and Recorded

    • Behavioural Interviews Are Used In Every Industry

    • Interview with Kate Richards (From ATR FO Redundancy to Instructor and Charter Pilot)

  • 4

    Module 3 - Non-Flying Roles | Applications | The Aviation Rebound

    • Pilot Career Transition Program 2020 Workbook Three

    • Rethinking Your Resume For Non-Flying Roles

    • Consider Using The Power Of Case Studies

    • Define Your Work Style

    • Ensure Your Referees Are Not Surprised

    • Be Ready When Aviation Rebounds

    • Interview with Rick Garner (A330 Pilot | Business Owner)

  • 5

    Next steps

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    • Thank You

Your Skills Are Relevant And Transferable

The next few years are going to impact pilots differently, how you feel, what you decide to do and what options you have. There may be times when frustration and anger take hold. When the lack of control at not being able to do, what you were born to do, becomes overwhelming.  

For those reasons we have put together practical steps and key information you can use to move into this next phase of your working life.

The Pilot Transition Program also contains inspiring audio interviews in which Kirsty talks to pilots who have reimagined themselves in the business world. Some have gone into non-flying roles and others who been impacted by the airline industry shutdown in different ways. 

They all frankly discuss their reactions as their lifelong dream career became unstable and what steps they took next.

Pilots are unique and talented individuals, we have always felt that this industry is like no other, which is already evident in how we support each other to traverse this tough period.

Please keep sharing your stories, struggles and ideas with us, we love hearing from you.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any specific questions or need further assistance. 

As always, we are here to help you.

Kirsty & the Pinstripe Team