It Always Seems Impossible Until It's Done

- Nelson Mandela

We'd love you to join our High School To Hireable community. It's completely free. Here we share Inspirational Interviews, MasterClasses and Downloads, to help your students achieve their first job, new job or dream career or just to get your students excited about the future of work. And sometimes just interviews & content to inspire you as an educator. In our adventures as Interview Coaches we constantly meet amazing people with incredible stories. So we decided to bundle those stories into powerful content for you & your students and add new free stuff to this 'Free Resources' hub as we go. We'll let you know via our Newsletter when new content has arrived. So... Welcome! Make yourself at home.

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    Inspirational Interviews

    • TRADES CAREERS - What does this Employer look for when hiring Apprentices for his Landscaping & Pool business?

    • ADVERTISING & COMMS JOBS - How do you break into this industry? From Work Experience Girl to Global Brand Strategist & The World Of Film Production - Anna & Tanja share their extensive knowledge & experience in this industry (38 minute deep dive)

    • ADF OFFICER - This 19 year old recently started his Officer training with the goal to ultimately fly Chinook Helicopters. Find out why he has his sights set on the Chinook! (Full interview detailing OSB process available on the Interview Skills Course)

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    Free 30 minute MasterClasses held by Kirsty & Tanja

    • How To Get Hired With Little Or No Experience - held at the 2020 Year13 Expo 'The Future Of Work'

    • National Careers Week 2021 - Reframing the careers conversation from ‘I'm not sure’ to ‘Yes I can’ – with Students AND Employers

    • How to land any and every job - held at the Year13 2021 Careers Expo

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    Free Downloads

    • Booklet: Top 10 Interview Mistakes

    • Booklet: Talking About Your Strengths

    • Booklet: Why Most Resumes Are Rubbish (.... PLUS Top 10 Tips To Create An Amazing One!)

    • FREE 12 Month Subscription to The Leadership Review Magazine! Exclusive for our network.

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    Articles and Insights

    • SHARE your opinion = FAIL your interview

    • 18 Things the pandemic has taught me to value more - What are yours?

    • How to pinpoint your achievements (for a Resume or Job Interview)

    • Top 10 Items Everyone Forgets To Include In Their Resume

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    Interview Star Mini Magazine

    • Interview Star Edition 1 - April 2021

Partnership with Seek

Our co-founder Kirsty Anne Ferguson is thrilled to announce our partnership with SEEK. Speaking to the Youth and Experienced job seeker sectors, SEEK believes ‘you’re more skilled than you know’ and is working to help job seekers understand the value and power of transferrable skills, that can see them make career progress.

More Insightful Interviews

Our Interview Skills Video Course ($8 per student) now includes new incredible Bonus Interviews. Tailored to inspire students and give them a peer perspective of 'What it's like' & 'What it takes' when trying to decide on a potential future career path. Find out more course details on the Educators page.

  • EMERGENCY SERVICES - From Bank Teller At Age 19 To Fire Fighter: How This Indigenous Go-Getter Obtained Her Dream Job

  • TRADE JOBS - Leaving School In Year 10: A 16 Year Old 2nd Year Apprentice Shares His Invaluable Tips To Start A Career As A Tradie

  • GRADUATE JOBS - Don't Underestimate Volunteer Jobs & Working At Your Local Cafe While In High School: How This Uni Student Got Graduate Job Interview Ready

  • ADF OFFICERS - Meet a 19 year old Army Officer In Training To Achieve A Coveted Helicopter Pilot Role In The Army - What It Takes To Successfully Apply To The ADF

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Meet Ben, The Albino Chameleon

Our very own head interview coach Kirsty Anne Ferguson wrote this inspiring & practical book. Using the metaphor of an albino chameleon named Ben - a chameleon unable to use colour to disguise his true self. In this book Kirsty walks us through humorous stories and engaging tasks to find out how to say to the world, "This is me". Even if you think you have nothing special to offer, Kirsty insists you do.