Our Vision Is Simple

Talking about yourself in an interview with little or no work experience is not easy.

That’s why High School to Hireable was born. We felt strongly that the techniques & tools we've developed over 20 years and use to teach Executives, CEO's, Olympians and Pilots globally had to be accessible and affordable to Secondary Schools.

It could be preparation for a casual job interview, apprenticeship, work experience or full-time position. The techniques and tools we teach, also apply seamlessly to scholarships and university applications. Students will use these skills for life as they are the foundation for succeeding at any interview.

The content of our online video courses and live workshops are specifically tailored to Secondary School cohorts. 

The Interview Skills Video Course for Schools is $8 per student (minimum 30 students).

If you are a teacher or educator, please visit our Educators page to review the full curriculum, FAQ's and more.

If you are a High School student or parent and wish to access our course individually outside school, please visit our Entry Level Interview Skills Course on our InterviewChix website.

Real World Interview Skills For Life

  • Find out the secret to talking about yourself confidently.

  • How to prepare for video interviews and live interviews.

  • Uncover your strengths and manage your weaknesses.

  • Learn how to write a great resume and cover letter that markets you to employers effectively and gets you to the next stage.

  • What are 'Selection Criteria' and how to address them.

  • Behavioural Interviews explained step by step.

  • How to handle failures, hurdles and rejections.

  • Networking and marketing yourself on Social Media including LinkedIn.

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Year13 Future of Work Expo: How To Get Hired With Little Or No Experience

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Partnership with SEEK

Our co-founder Kirsty Anne Ferguson is thrilled to announce our partnership with SEEK. Speaking to the Youth and Experienced job seeker sectors, SEEK believes ‘you’re more skilled than you know’ and is working to help job seekers understand the value and power of transferrable skills, that can see them make career progress.